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[xmca] Kharkov school of psychology?

hi david and anton--

I hope that anton is looking into the sequence of events which precipitated
the move of lsv and his colleagues to Kharkov.

I was not aware that Anton denied the existence of a "Kharkov school" of
Are you asserting there was, David? I am unclear. A lot of what you have
been writing
about the "micro" politics of the era and place indicate you know a lot
about it. My
knowledge comes from an earlier time and different place, so its really
interesting to hear
about the matters you are writing about and trying to consider their
implications for our
own understandings of culture, development, activity. etc.

To my limited knowledge, it seems that the people in Kharkov distanced
themselves from
LSV as much as possible. I am judging only from the materials in Ukrainian
that I obtained
from Zinchenko the younger. And they were interestingly critical of his
ideas about natural
and cultural memory (Zinchenko the older), as well as ideas about activity.
But what was
indigenously Kharkovian and what was a moscow import? Hard for me to sort

Non-coincidentally (I assume) there was a horrible famine in Uzbekistan and
Kirghizia (as it was then referred to) - A circumstance entirely missing
from Luria's account of his work there or any
accounts I have seen from LSV's visit to the region. I assume both famines
were orchestrated by the Georgian god father?

Disturbing questions. Perhaps you have the answers? This kind of relating of
ideas to their socio-
historical context seems important to me. But separating fact from fiction
through the fogs of time and wars and blood and time seems a daunting task.

I am still trying to sort out the pre-pseudo-complex-concept issues. Slow
but unreliable as usual!
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