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[xmca] David! Clink or Clunk?

David Ke--

I was mulling over your recent message about LSV and anti-pedology act of
I always had it in my head that it that the CPUSSR passed such a declaration
in 1936.
In checking, sure enough, the Russian Soviet Federation passed such a
declaration in
1931, but that was for Russia, not the USSR in general.

Then, while picking radishes, I started to wonder. LSV, Luria, Leontiev,
Bozhovich and others
went to Kharkov in 1931. Kharkov. Ukraine. Not RSFSR.

I have always interpreted the move to Kharkov, and publications in
Ukrainian, as a way to get
out of the sight of power. But never linked it to a 1931 anti-pedology
declaration. But, now it seems
plausible that it was the RSFSR declaration that drove the move to Kharkov.
The articles I published
from Ukrainian into English from the Kharkov group, which had never before
appeared in Russian, so
far as I know (not much, of course), might have been an escape from the
anti0-pedology declarations.
LSV did not live (did not want to live, so far as I can tell) until 1936.
But just maybe, he and his
colleagues were doing more than moving from the center to the periphery in
anticipation of trouble?
Maybe it was in response to trouble?

Anton? Others "in" the no?
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