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Re: [xmca] Teaching on the Emotions

Nova is not one the world's most punctilious publishers, nor one of the
least exploitative. I believe that Peter's translation is under review by

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 6:15 AM, Dot Robbins <drobbins72000@yahoo.com>wrote:

> Dear Achilles, Andy, and All,
> Oh, my goodness...I can't get too "emotional" about the article, and hope
> it is put on your website, Andy. My question only regarded the actual
> sources of the text, nothing else.
> Truly, I am very disturbed that academic books are so expensive in English,
> and have never understood why the Collected Works of Vygotsky have not been
> put in paperback, or made free for all. My point was that even with the
> expensive Collected Works in English, many people seemed to profit (I
> actually don't know who) from the publication of the series, and yet no
> money was ever given to the Vygotsky family. Thanks to the work of Jim
> Wertsch over the years, the Vygotsky family has received some (minimal)
> funds that Jim has collected from giving people permission to use Vygotsky's
> picture in books.
> I don't have an answer to the problems of the high costs of academic
> publishing....and, I am very frustrated… Peter Moxhay spent years
> translating a book by V. V. Davydov (Problems of Developmental Instruction,
> Nova Science, 2008), and on amazon.com it still states that people should
> sign up for the book when it becomes available...I doubt if anyone has
> reviewed this excellent book for journals, because it has not been
> advertised in general....The book costs over $70, and clearly, it is
> extremely frustrating. I don't know what rights I have as editor, but, have
> seriously been thinking about the idea of sending out an earlier version of
> the book (only with Peter’s permission)...This is a huge issue in academia,
> especially with the problems of "vanity" publishing! If it is allowed, why
> don’t you both copy all of the Collected Works in English? I do not know the
> legal issues of such a step. However, please give the original sources.
> Thanks.
> Dot
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