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[xmca] new national curriculum in Australia

Our immensely incompetent Labor Government yesterday announced their new national curriculum for schools (formerly this was a state responsibility).

It features the teaching of history from the very beginning, including indigenous history (this is an unambiguous good) and emphasises the 3 Rs, including grammar. No curriculum has been set yet in Geography and other subjects.


Helen raised with me off-line this problem of reintroducing the teaching of grammar: who is going to educate the educators? Anyone under 55 today did not learn grammar at school or until they did a foreign language, when they learnt the grammar of the other language. (Grammar means "Which icon do I click now?")

What do xmca-ers think about teaching grammar? (I am in favour.)

Also, many progressive educators here are opposed to curricula in toto: education should be about learning not content. Do xmca-ers agree?

Given the disastrous implementation of policies by this government over the past 2 years, I fear for our education system. What do people think?


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