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RE: [xmca] Professorial post in Plymouth,UK

We haven't managed to get anyone to ISCAR yet but would love to. We do our best to encourage students to see early childhood as a sociocultural phenomenon which both shapes and is shaped by the patterns and structures of family and wider traditions, expectations and policies. Vygotsky's ideas (and those of Bruner, Wertsch, Cole, Rogoff and others) play a big part in this although I am sometimes a bit frustrated by the lack of time to get students engaged in deeper exploration of the implications of CHAT. For too many, I'm afraid, Vygotsky seems to be condensed into just those three letters! 

Our Early Childhood Studies team includes people with backgrounds in early education, sociology, social policy, psychology and family services so we link out to a wide range of areas of research but we are united by a commitment to a model of social pedagogy which puts care at the centre of what we are doing. I know this can sound a bit mushy but it is actually grounded in the distinctly human capacity to take an active interest in helping others into participation in social processes (I have attached a recent paper which explores the relationship between 'liking' and social imitation). 

To say that we are also interested in play and playfulness might also seem like a statement of the obvious but I am particularly keen to explore the role of playfulness as a strategy for managing the relationship between 'personal' or first hand experiences and interests and the social patterns, rules and habits which allow us to survive living with people who don't know us well enough to make allowances!

I wish I had more time to follow the fascinating exchanges here on xmca - I do my best but I have a very large folder of unread messages.

All the best,


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Congratulations Rod in getting your appeal on to xmca! :)
Tell us a bit about your deparment. Do any of your staff 
participate in ISCAR? Is Vygotsky taught at Plymouth?


Rod Parker-Rees wrote:
> We are looking for applicants for the new post of Rolle Professor of Early Childhood Education and Care at the University of Plymouth (UK).
> We have a strong interdisciplinary Early Childhood Studies team comprising ten lecturers from a wide range of different backgrounds and although we are based in the Faculty of Education we are interested in all aspects of the lives of young children and their families.
> If you have a background in work and research with young children and you might be ready, willing and able to take up a professorial post in the UK, more information is available from the university site: http://www.pioneeringplymouth.co.uk/html/faculty-of-education.htm#one
> If you would like to know more than is available via the 'official' university site, please do contact me at r.parker-rees@plymouth.ac.uk
> With best wishes,
> Rod Parker-Rees
> Coordinator of Early Childhood Studies
> University of Plymouth,UK
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