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Re: [xmca] From Mike Coole

No dying in beds, unless you have had a conversation with your Maker and
come to a mutually beneficial day, Okay?

2009/9/17 mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com>

> For those of you who noticed that my dandy typing turned me into mike
> coole,
> a note
> of explanation (of how I was re-ordering my email usage, not why I am such
> a
> lousy
> typist).
> UCSD has made it a near felony to use gmail for university of california
> business. I do not
> like their mail system and was forwarding my mail to gmail which is
> generally quite good, even if
> it is data mining the hell out of us all. After all, we are doing xmca in
> the streets, so let them mine.
> But my RETURN address was back to mcole@ucsd.edu. This meant that when I
> stopped forwarding
> from mcole to lchc mike, mail appeared both in gmail and at ucsd. That was
> a
> nightmare. So, with
> a hint or two from friends i figured out how to have gmail be the return
> address as well as the send
> address. I have kept xmca on my gmail because it is not about internal ucsd
> affairs and it is a much
> better utility.
> So, write to me at lchcmike. I will try to be coole, and will do my local
> university business as directed
> so that i can die in my own bed.
> greetings from lovely southern california.
> mike
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