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RE: [xmca] From Mike Coole

I thought you had taken up crushing garlic with a spoon... getting down
with a new trend.
~em.. :-)

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Subject: [xmca] From Mike Coole

For those of you who noticed that my dandy typing turned me into mike
a note
of explanation (of how I was re-ordering my email usage, not why I am
such a

UCSD has made it a near felony to use gmail for university of california
business. I do not
like their mail system and was forwarding my mail to gmail which is
generally quite good, even if
it is data mining the hell out of us all. After all, we are doing xmca
the streets, so let them mine.
But my RETURN address was back to mcole@ucsd.edu. This meant that when I
stopped forwarding
from mcole to lchc mike, mail appeared both in gmail and at ucsd. That
was a
nightmare. So, with
a hint or two from friends i figured out how to have gmail be the return
address as well as the send
address. I have kept xmca on my gmail because it is not about internal
affairs and it is a much
better utility.

So, write to me at lchcmike. I will try to be coole, and will do my
university business as directed
so that i can die in my own bed.

greetings from lovely southern california.
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