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[xmca] 10th Vygotsky Memorial Conference

Dear Friends,
Attached is the finalized version of the information for international participants for the 10th Annual Vygotsky Conference in Moscow, November 17-20, 2009. Please note that the registration fees will be paid through PayPal. Also, because of the expensive nature of staying in Moscow, if you decide to attend the conference and pay the full amount for a Russian Student Advisor, you will receive help with accommodations. There will also be help with the local registration. You can find the details in the attached information.
The Vygotsky Summer School in June was an interesting opportunity to discover how the Golden Key schools function. Information from different participants is being collected, and will be shared at a later date. Attached is the program of the Summer School in June 2009. Hopefully, some participants will share what they learned and experienced from the Summer School in Belaya Kalitva.
We hope very much that you will share the information on the conference with as many people as possible.
Thank you in advance for your help.


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