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[xmca] Consciousness

Volodya-- I have read your paper on consciousness. As usual it is thick with
ideas and references, not all of which I could follow. Personally
speaking, i like the idea of a fabric of consciousness because I find the
weaving metaphor very useful for guiding my thinking about context
and behavior/consciousness. And your comment on "carpet bombing" was more
than currently relevant.

The difficulty I see with the structure of consciousness idea, which I take
to be your favorite alternative, is that by the time it is multi-layered
in a 6x3 matrix, put into biodynamic motion, is polyphonic AND polycentric,
it becomes entirely unclear to me how it can be studied systematically
across all of its varieties to extract invariant features that would help us
understand the variations. Maybe a crazy quilt?

Thanks for sending along your most recent thoughts. There are some very
interesting ideas about Ch 7 of Myishlenie i rech being put forth by
David Kellogg and others on xmca. If you had students interested who know
English, we might arrange to coordinate the discussion so that you
could participate if that interested you.

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