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[xmca] Vygotsky and "Theory of translation" - Do you have suggestions?

Please, dear colleges,

Let me ask for help, one more time.
Do you have any suggestions about
Vygotskian studies about the work,
art, and semiotic process of translating?
For instance, is there some studies
about the (re)construction of meanings
and senses through the experience of
reading a foreign language and trying 
to understand the source despite the
differences in cultural background of
the reader and the writer? This is for
a practical problem: try to understand
an author always through a translated
text, and even if I try to read the original
author's language, I must make a trans-
lation again... Is there some kind of 
study about the semiotic mediations/psychic 
functions implied in this process, in a 
vygotskian approach? 

Can you help me?

Thank you, very much.

Achilles. From Brazil.

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