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[xmca] From VP Zinchenko: Of message, bottles, and what's inside of what

Vladimir Petrovich has been writing up a storm on this topic so I sent
along our recent discussion to him.
He sent me the attached in return. Which I will read. I have also
ordered the Mandeshtam selected essays so
I can get in proper contact with that interesting part of the
discussions. His note says that if the English version of
the paper is unclear, I am welcome to try the Russian.

Bezsomneno blagadaren VPZ!!

I have so much difficulty reading Russian poetry that the thought of
anagrams providing the "unspoken" meaning
pretty much leaves me standing and gawking. -- in English, never mind
Russian!!  It like imagining being able to
deeply appreciate the structure of a Beethoven symphony, let alone
write some of such mind boggling complexity.


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From: Зинченко Владимир <zinchRae@yandex.ru>
Date: 2009/6/14
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Дорогой Майкл!

Спасибо за "Ласточку" О. Мандельштама. Я, к сожалению, слово еще не
потерял. И моя мысль выражается в словах и не уходит в "чертог теней".
Посылаю тебе свои слова на английском, а если будет не понятно, читай
разъяснения на русском.
Привет Шейле!
Твой Володя

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