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Re: [xmca] June 11th, 75 years!

Thanks Dot. I hope you gave our warmest regards to Gita and that Lena
understands that her
openess to collaboration is widely shared.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 7:36 PM, Andy Blunden<ablunden@mira.net> wrote:
> Thanks Dot.
> By virtue of her legacy, Elena plays a very important role. The declaration
> that she will work with anyone who wants to work with her is I think an
> important step, very much to be welcomed.
> Andy
> Dot Robbins wrote:
>> Dear Friends,
>> Yesterday was June 11th, and there was a 75th Memorial regarding the death
>> of Vygotsky in Moscow. I wanted to give you some image of that event. In the
>> morning people met at the grave of Vygotsky and brought flowers. Most were
>> from the Vygotsky Institute of Psychology at the Russian State University
>> for the Humanities. It was different from other years, because Gita L'vovna
>> was not well enough to attend, and there was silence this year. In previous
>> years people would speak, and one year it was filmed. (By the way, a team of
>> people outside of the Russian State University for the Humanities are
>> preparing a new documentary on Vygotsky). The gravestone is no longer clear,
>> it is very dull and it is hard to read Vygotsky's name, and that of Rosa. It
>> is interesting that Zalkind's grave is right behind Vygotsky's. It was a
>> silent time of reflection....and for me, a time to listen and just feel the
>> moment
>>  That afternoon, there was a Round Table with prepared talks and anyone
>> could speak. The focus of the Round Table was on Vygotsky's concept of art
>> and aesthetics...V. Sobkin spoke and told us a little about the Bakhtin
>> conference in Sweden last week (hopefully, someone on this list will report
>> on that conference). I found it interesting that art was the focus, and
>> although I cannot verify things (some of you probably can), perhaps the
>> first book that will be published from the archives will revolve around art.
>>  During the evening, Elena Kravtsova started something new....she invited
>> the participants to come to her home in the country for a small dinner and
>> celebration....since the invitation was only given after the Round Table,
>> around 25 people came, including Janna Glozman. There were mostly students,
>> the Golden Key School team, and a couple of professors. The point of this
>> small event was symbolic....by opening her home to all attending the Round
>> Table there was/is also the hope that we can open our hearts to work with
>> each other in a closer fashion. One idea I am listening to is the focus of
>> Oleg Kravtsov (Elena's third son), which is on tolerance. I am sure we will
>> somehow publish an article in English by him (from his dissertation, which
>> he has completed).
>>  When everyone left, I was able to speak to Gita L'vonva for a few minutes
>> alone.....Clearly, this is something I do not take for granted. It was a sad
>> day and a happy day for her, and for all. Well, I would like to give all of
>> you the main image I am left with, from the words of Elena Kravtsova....she
>> wants to work with anyone who wants to work with her…. those of course, with
>> good intentions. I hope that with this message all of you will feel like you
>> were here with Elena and Gita and their family, colleagues, and friends. May
>> we learn genuine tolerance of each other, and begin anew to work together.
>> The overall feeling of the day was not the end, but a new beginning.
>> with respect,
>> Dot
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