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Re: [xmca] On the shape of the zpd and message in a bottle

The buck stops here!! It is me and I will talk to you in private. I wrote 6
major reports and a book on the project.
Writing to you now.

2009/6/9 David Kellogg <vaughndogblack@yahoo.com>

> Well, I think some of the fun of xmca is trying out statements that are a
> little strong and then trying to defend them against all comers, including
> my better self.
> Mike has reminded me, that some of what I've said in this space really
> IS nonsense: Kohler's apes did NOT learn instantly or not at all, and in
> that sense the Kohler results are similar to Thorndike's.
> eric: Yes, it's a bold statement, and yes, it really does do away with the
> Vygotsky triangle, and with the goal-orientation which Leontiev makes so
> much of. But I think the boldness is to be found in Vygotsky's statement
> that we cannot explain the trajetory of a cannoball solely by referring to
> the aim of a gunner. Vygotsky himself is rejecting the idea that the
> triangle, or any other form of analysis into units that has, at bottom,
> stimulus response, can explain consciousness.
> Carol: I think it really depends on what we mean by CONSCIOUS grammar. But
> I also think that any use of the SIGNIFYING function of language--that is,
> znachenie as opposed to smysl, has implicit in it the idea that concepts are
> related to other concepts and not simply to objects. And as you say ALL
> foreign language teaching has this as a starting point. Of course, Belyayev
> would say that, and so would Lanham.
> I have long suspected, and now I am quite sure, that YOU are the C.
> Macdonald referred to in the paper by Nutall and Langhan on the Molteno
> Project in Swain and Johnson, Immersion Education: International
> Perspectives.
> Do you know where I can find:
> Macdonald, C.A. (1989) English langaueg skills evaluation: A final report
> of the Threshold Project.
> Macdonal, C.A. and Burroughs, E. (1991) Bilingual models of education: I
> see a tree with leaves.
> Or any other good stuff on Molteno, Lanham, and Belyayev? I'm designing a
> graduate MA course on immersion next fall and I don't want to do all that
> Canadian stuff again.
> David Kellogg
> Seoul National University of Education
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