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Re: [xmca] zpd

Thanks. I will try to get a clean, page by page pdf of the article posted.
The return to discussion of this article seems fruitful.

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 6:22 AM, Ng Foo Keong <lefouque@gmail.com> wrote:

> i didn't realize i have an unfair advantage.  i'm using Acrobat
> Pro which has a convenient hand-zoom tool.  it's my habit
> to want to see the whole page to get a structural overview,
> and use the mouse-roller to scroll down pages.  only when i
> want to read a certain part in detail do i specify the
> rectangular zoom region -- and i'd read it real big, like maybe
> at 500% or upwards.
> Now saved a new version with the default zoom setting at 200%.
> But even if you don't have the Pro version (just the Acrobat Reader)
> I guess it should be possible to change the Zoom Level to suit
> your taste.
> regards,
> F.K.
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