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[xmca] Scripta Technica, Inc.

I've begun reading Vygotsky's Psychology of Art and found that the
translation was done by Scripta Technica, Inc. I wondered who this might be
and found that this company did a lot of translation in many fields across
many languages of scholarship and science in the sixties and seventies, and
apparently into the nineties. But I can't find much about the company
itself; rather, I find many publications for which they are credited as


Does anyone know anything about them? And why the company and not the
individual translators is given the credit? It's clear that one translator
does not make the same decisions as another, so the specific translator does
seem to matter. Or were the texts translated in teams, or did different
people do different sections of the same text (which would seem to produce a
chaotic version)? Thanks,Peter


Peter Smagorinsky

The University of Georgia

125 Aderhold Hall

Athens, GA 30602




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