Re: [xmca] Is there something about LSV in "clinical settings"?

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Date: Fri Dec 12 2008 - 06:19:52 PST

The paper with Samukhin and Birenbaum seems to be virtually the only source on "clinical Vygotsky" that has been published to date.

To the best of my knowledge, the rest is in Vygotsky's archives: manuscripts, notes, protocols that have never been brought to daylight.

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Greetings for all,

Let me ask for one more question. Valsiner and Van der Veer said:

"He [Vygotsky] was no child psychologist but a psychologist who

became increasingly interested in the theoretical problem of

development, which led him to study cultural diversity, brain

pathology, and other disciplines. By inclination he was a theoretical

psychologist. In practice, his applied work was most in clinical settings"

-- Valsiner and Van de Veer (2000) The social mind - construction of the idea. p 339

Is there any reference, file, manuscript, letter, case studies, anything, about

the way Vygotsky's work in clinical settings? Something about how were his
clinical technical resources and so forth?

Thank you very much.


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