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Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 09:28:52 PDT


you wrote, " Human reality, too, is constructed, but
in practice, not by making representations (either mental, as for Kant,
Husserl, Piaget, and others, or linguistic, as for Gergen and others)."

I agree that representations are not reality. So lets return to the
original conversation, vygotsky's blocks and the functional method of
double stimulation. within the context of the experiment the mediator
knows reality and is assisting the subject in constructing said reality.
Here i am stepping into an abyss that may leave the dialectic, but it won't
be the first time. Would Vygotsky be referring to a pseudo-concept as a
'reflection' of reality? putting reflection in quotes because it is the
word that has sparked such debate. Perhaps it is an unanswerable question.


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