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For those of you are in Pittsburgh, or would like to be...

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>Subject: CFP: Working-Class Studies Conference
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>Class Matters:
>Working Class Studies Association Conference
>Pittsburgh, PA
>June 3 - 6, 2009
>The Working Class Studies Association (WCSA) is pleased to announce that its
>biennial Conference will be held at the University of Pittsburgh, June 3 -
>6, 2009.
>Proposals are invited for presentations, panels, workshops, and
>performances, according to the guidelines below. Proposals must be received
>by January 4, 2009.
>The Working Class Studies Association
>The WCSA promotes models of working-class studies, both inside and outside
>of the academy, that serve the interests of working-class people. These
>include critical discussions of relationships among class, race, gender,
>sexuality, nationality, and other structures of inequality. WCSA is a
>multidisciplinary and international association; its members and conference
>participants include social workers, documentary filmmakers, writers, labor
>educators and cultural workers, as well as scholars and teachers across a
>range of academic fields. Web address: www.wcstudies.org.
>WCSA Conference 2009
>Featuring panels, plenaries, workshops, performances, screenings, site
>visits, and social gatherings, the conference provides an opportunity for
>academics, artists, activists, workers, independent scholars, teachers and
>students to present their projects, make connections, and learn about
>resources for the work we hold in common.
>The conference theme, Class Matters, is intended to encompass the broad
>range of fields of study and forms of work promoted by the WCSA, and
>proposals may reflect this diversity. (See below for a listing of topics
>addressed at previous conferences.) Planners of the 2009 conference also
>have a particular interest in topics connected to "place" and location,
>including the local and global sites and environments of working-class lives
>and struggles.
>Proposal guidelines
>Proposals will be accepted in three categories:
>a) Individual presentation, paper or talk. The program committee may group
>these into panel sessions.
>b) Panel session, featuring three or four presenters, proposing jointly.
>Typically 1.5 hours long, sessions may take the form of a workshop,
>round-table, or panel, and must provide time for response and interaction.
>Workshops of longer duration will also be considered.
>c) Performance, reading, or screening of creative work. Proposal must
>include a request for necessary space and/or technology.
>Proposal format:
>1. Proposed title
>2. Category of proposal (see above)
>3. Description, in fewer than 250 words, of the session
>4. Names and institutional affiliation (where appropriate) of all
>5. Name, address, email, and phone numbers of the person making the
>Submit proposals either as hard copy by mail to Class Matters Conference,
>English Department, 526 Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh,
>Pittsburgh, PA 15260, or as an email attachment to wcsa09@pitt.edu.
>Proposals must be received by January 4, 2009. Notifications of acceptance
>will be made by February 1, 2009. Closer to the event a web-site will be
>available for posting of changes and updates, travel and lodging details,
>and the conference program.
>Conference co-chairs:
>Nick Coles, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh
>Charlie McCollester, Pennsylvania Labor Center, Indiana University of
>Conference sponsors:
>The 2009 conference will be hosted by Pitt's English Department, with
>support from the School of Arts and Sciences. Co-sponsors include the
>departments of Anthropology, History and Sociology, and the Women's Studies
>Program at the University of Pittsburgh, the Pennsylvania Labor Center at
>Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and the Battle of Homestead Foundation.
>Topics addressed at the 2005 (Youngstown State University) and 2007
>(Macalester College) conferences: (This not an exclusive list, but one
>intended to suggest a range of interests represented.)
>class in the classroom
>working-class literature
>labor and the body
>class and the arts:
> music, theater, visual art
>labor rights / human rights
>working-class history
>transnational perspectives on class
>class on campus:
> students as workers
> working-class academics
>labor organizing
>community activism
>gender and class
>working-class political theory
>class and K-12 education
>class and health care
>media studies / criticism
>war, class and the military
>working-class / middle class
>class and ethnicity
>urban class issues
>class and the environment
>race / whiteness studies
>the future of work
>working-class economic theory
>class and electoral politics
>the anthropology of class
>rural class issues
>immigration / migrant workers
>class and sexuality
>working-class humor
>class and religion
>resistance and transformation
>class in film
>class in a global economy

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