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From: Paula Towsey <paulat who-is-at>
Date: Sat Oct 04 2008 - 02:56:26 PDT

Hello there, Eric - I'm so pleased the DVD arrived safely and wasn't nicked
before it got to you. Thanks for your email - and enjoy your viewing!
ps - I can send you a transcript too, if you like...

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Hello Paula:

This message was meant to be sent to your e-mail but I have misplaced that.
Thank you for your gracious gift. I have made it through the first 15
minutes and am amazed by your study. I plan on giving it a thorough
viewing this weekend and expect to post on it in the next week. Job duties
have greatly hampered my participation in anything beyond the nuts and
bolts of teaching/counseling/facilitating/mediating/assessing/etc.

best regards,

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