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This is going to come in bits and pieces because time just does not allow
me to place all of my thoughts in one posting. Initially my thoughts are
regarding why I am so drawn to the blocks method. 1. it is structured and
it is flexible. 2. the level of assistance provided is minimal and
dependant upon the subject's responses. 3. it looks at the developmental
level of the subject. 4. it provides a snapshot of a 'complex'. 5. the idea
of complexes leads to conceptual thinking. Vygotsky provided the framework
for discussing human development in both a structured and flexible way.
The word is the unit of analysis for lsv because of how in the blocks
experiment the facilitator knows the word meaning and guides the subject
towards the word meaning. Once again, word meaning has structure but it
can be flexible. Does this make any sense?


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Hello there, Eric - I'm so pleased the DVD arrived safely and wasn't nicked
before it got to you. Thanks for your email - and enjoy your viewing!
ps - I can send you a transcript too, if you like...

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Hello Paula:

This message was meant to be sent to your e-mail but I have misplaced that.
Thank you for your gracious gift. I have made it through the first 15
minutes and am amazed by your study. I plan on giving it a thorough
viewing this weekend and expect to post on it in the next week. Job duties
have greatly hampered my participation in anything beyond the nuts and
bolts of teaching/counseling/facilitating/mediating/assessing/etc.

best regards,

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