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Date: Sun Dec 30 2007 - 16:21:03 PST

My goodness Steve! you've really caught me there! It is quite wrong to make
a gesture towards "some more recent Marxists" and then never explain what I
meant. And my memory of what I had in mind is not too good either.

But I think what I meant is simply the series of writers, mostly Russians,
who continued work in the CHAT tradition - AR Luria, AA Leontyev,
Brushlinsky, Rubenshtein, Ilyenkov, Mikhailov, Lektorsky as well as
Wertsch, Cole and so on, but I am saying that I am not going to go into all
that (1. not qualified, 2. off the point), but just use these two "founding
fathers" to mark out the territory. I don't think I had anyone in mind
outside of the CHAT tradition.

At 02:27 PM 30/12/2007 -0500, you wrote:
>Andy, who are you referring to in this statement from your paper?
>"Vygotsky and Leontyev are the foremost pioneers in the theorization
>of the subject from the standpoint of psychology, particularly
>learning; there are some more recent Marxists whose ideas offer
>suggestions for a new approach of the understanding of social
>formations as well."
>- Steve
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