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From: Paul Dillon <phd_crit_think who-is-at>
Date: Sun Dec 30 2007 - 14:42:42 PST

  One of Ilyenkov's insigts into the "philosophy of praxis" (as Gramsci called it) that has always impressed me concerns the historically posterior appearance of phenomena that are in fact the cause of the anterior structures in which they appear (ch 4 Dialectics of the Abstract and Concrete). In this interpretation the anterior "thank you" would thus be the cause of the references provided. But isn't that too obvious to be dialectical?

Wolff-Michael Roth <> wrote:
On 30-Dec-07, at 12:21 PM, Ed Wall wrote:

A general question for you: Why do people write "Thank you in advance."?

you are reversing the question of praxis and theory, the former
generally emerging prior to the latter. We may do things to achieve
purposes, and then find reasons for doing them. Or this is how Marx
saw it.
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