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FYI for those interested in play (hmm, in what senses do games=play?)

ValuesAtPlay.org Heralds
New Era in Game Design Research!

Last weekend the Values at Play research project launched version 1.0 of
its website, http://www.valuesatplay.org, which offers a wealth of game
design and scholarship about games.

Valuesatplay.org has also begun accepting submissions for its Social
Impact Game Contest. The Values At Play project, a collaboration between
Hunter College's innovative Tiltfactor Lab (http://www.tiltfactor.org)
and New York University, is an inquiry into the ideas and belief systems
latent in video games.

For the next two years, the Values at Play team will continue their
research into values in games through funding from the National Science
Foundation. The team runs workshops, conducts research, and publishes
results (papers, tools, videos, game designs, and actual games) on how
game designers both unconsciously and consciously imbue their products
with specific worldviews and values. One of its key goals is to provide
a set of tools for the design community to assist in the systematic
discovery and implementation of values in their work.

The recently launched valuesatplay.org website is the cornerstone of the
Values At Play toolkit with resource for educators, scholars, students,
and practitioners. On the site, visitors will find:

* Interviews with innovative game designers about current issues in
design theory and the state of the art

* Game Blog: an active blog dealing with cultural issues and game
design, and how the field of game design can be examined under the
rubric of human values

* Game Tools: a selection of sample game design documents, the
Grow-A-Game game design playing cards, and other emerging tools

* Curriculum: a complete four week curriculum for teaching
value-centered game design that is currently implemented in a number of
colleges and universities around the country

* Research and Resources: Conference proceedings, academic papers, and
scholarly articles addressing the intersection of values and game design

* Game Library: a permanent, playable collection of values conscious

* Social Impact Game Contest 2007: the first in a series of Values At
Play sponsored game contests, this is an opportunity for
non-professional designers to attempt serious issue game design. The
contest is accepting submissions in three categories: Social Impact,
Community is Revolutionary, and Greenwoods. Designers can create games
that deal with an issue, value, or mechanic listed on the website, an
issue specific to their community, or a game that addresses a social
issue within the context of a big box retail store. Submissions will be
accepted until January 1, 2008.

November 28, 2007
Contact: Jonathan Belman
(apologies to all for any cross posting) printable release is attached


dr. mary flanagan
associate professor, film+media
director, tiltfactor laboratory
hunter college
695 park avenue, 482 north bldg
new york, new york 1 0 0 6 5


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