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My research assistant (intern) Katharina Gerarts will summarise the posted comments and ideas from the discussion. She is a German speaker.



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Do you really think that is a one correct translation, Bella?
LSV uses the term, perezhivanie and we have seen how polysemiic that word is
in Russian, never mind in translation/

In the psych literature, I sort of prefer definitions of perezhivanie that
translate roughly
as "intensely emotional experience" or "intense lived through experience."
The Russian-American
differences in the "cognition/emotion" relationship I think interfere in
this regard.

So, Russian style, I might say that my wife and I "perezhil" the Cuban
missile crises while post docs
in Moscow, or we "perezhil" the 111 avtobus from the National hotel to MGU
main campus. Both experiences
were intense, were topics of later discussion, etc. The idea of translating
"peak experience" as "peak perezhivanie"
seems to work only in so far as the intensity of emotion aspect is
highlighted. Usually in my experience, "peak" is
used to refer to the positive end of the emotional expression.

Might someone get a grad student to pull together all the discussions of
perezhivanie at XMCA and reflect back to
us what we have collectively muddled around to?

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> As perhaps some of you know, Vygotsky's family is preparing for
> publication
> a 15 volume collection of his works which will include the archive
> documents. Then the really correct new translation would be needed.
> Bella Kotik-friedgut
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