[xmca] Improving communication in XMCA

From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Sat Nov 24 2007 - 13:48:10 PST

As you are probably aware, we here at LCHC are working toward making XMCA a
effective sources of ideas and interaction. Work is going ahead on this even
while we wait
to hear if the larger historical archive project that Cathrene is heading up
has been funded.

Tony's note about how he reads email in html and looses info in cases such
as color codiing
and cyrrilic and how he uses a blog as a place where all is seen in its
intended form,
got me to thinking.

Might it be helpful, Tony, Others who blog, to put your blog addresses in
some promintent
spot, such as a "blogs" button somewhere around where we have "affiliated
on the LCHC web page?

I'll continue to use xmca as a way to connect this discussion to MCA and to
avoid the need to
keep another communication venue up to date. But for those who wish to blog
may wish us to
create some new links or "informing and provoking each other" mechanism.

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