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I found a paper in Russian explaining why there is a problem in
translation, because in different contexts Bakhtin gave different
definitions of language. But I suggest to write to the author:
  *Mika **Lähteenmäki*
*Email: *milahtee@cc.jyu.fiHe probably has English version of his paper.

On 8/30/07, Ana Paula B. R. Cortez <> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I've been writing an article entitled "Language Perspectives in English
> Classes in Bilingual Contexts: A Contribution of Social-Cultural-Historical
> Activity Theory" and a great part of my discussion is grounded on Vygotsky's
> TASCH and Bakhtin's Philosophy of Language. The little help I need is the
> following: I've got the Portuguese and English version of the text, which
> has been a great problem for me since my whole argumentation is that
> language can be a tool-and-result in bilingual enviroment classes and the
> two versions have contradictions. Besides, there's a disagreement between
> researchers that are Vygotsky's followers and support this point of view in
> Brazil and the ones who deal with Bakhtin and do not accept it at all. By
> having a deep look in Philosophy of Language in Portuguese the exact word
> used to describe language is "tool", but the same doesn't happen in English.
> Would anyone be very kind and tell me the original definition in Russian?
> I mean, the word Bakhtin himself used to define language.
> It's been a tough argumentation and the more devices I have, the better!
> Thanks a lot!
> Ana
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