[xmca] a little help with Bakhtin's Philosophy of language

From: Ana Paula B. R. Cortez <apbrcortez who-is-at yahoo.com.br>
Date: Thu Aug 30 2007 - 06:23:56 PDT

Dear colleagues,
  I've been writing an article entitled "Language Perspectives in English Classes in Bilingual Contexts: A Contribution of Social-Cultural-Historical Activity Theory" and a great part of my discussion is grounded on Vygotsky's TASCH and Bakhtin's Philosophy of Language. The little help I need is the following: I've got the Portuguese and English version of the text, which has been a great problem for me since my whole argumentation is that language can be a tool-and-result in bilingual enviroment classes and the two versions have contradictions. Besides, there's a disagreement between researchers that are Vygotsky's followers and support this point of view in Brazil and the ones who deal with Bakhtin and do not accept it at all. By having a deep look in Philosophy of Language in Portuguese the exact word used to describe language is "tool", but the same doesn't happen in English.
  Would anyone be very kind and tell me the original definition in Russian? I mean, the word Bakhtin himself used to define language.
  It's been a tough argumentation and the more devices I have, the better!
  Thanks a lot!

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