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My suggestion for this purpose is a pair of papers written by Engestrom:

Expansive learning at work: Toward an activity theoretical
Engeström, Yrjö, U California, San Diego, CA, US
Journal of Education and Work, Vol 14(1), Feb 2001. pp. 133-156.

Activity theory as a framework for analyzing and redesigning work.
Engeström, Yrjö, U Helsinki, Academy of Finland, Ctr for Activity
Theory & Developmental Work Research, Helsinki, Finland
Ergonomics, Vol 43(7), Jul 2000. Special issue: Ergonomics for the
new millennium. pp. 960-974.

I even have some slides I would be willing to share.

David Cross

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On Aug 29, 2007, at 5:43 PM, Cunningham, Donald James wrote:

> And in a week or so, I will begin teaching an undergraduate class in
> "Educational Psychology" for future teachers. It has been a few years
> since I taught such a class and was wondering if any of you would be
> willing to share with me (and other XMCAers) how you present CHAT. I
> mean, I don't think undergrads are going to be too interested in the
> distinction between action and activity or working out the concept of
> "object". Or am I wrong? I've taught the usual suspects (behaviorism,
> Bandura, Piaget, cognitive information processing) for years and
> have a
> pretty good idea about them but would appreciate some help on CHAT.
> Don Cunningham
> Indiana University
> Ancora Imparo!
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> Subject: [xmca] mediational theories of mind: Suggestions requested
> Dear Xmca-ites---
> Toward the end of the month I will begin teaching a grad course on
> mediational theories of mind.
> I would love suggestions for interesting readings.
> We will be looking in a sort of "mcLuhanesque" way at the
> affordances of
> different kinds of mediators
> in human action/activity/mind.
> So, language and thought
> writing
> film
> music
> tv
> rituals
> games
> .........
> Starting with early 20th century writers of general familiarity to
> members
> of this list, I have been thinking about including
> such works as Cszikentmihalyi, "meaning of things," Turkle's recent
> "evocative objects," and perhaps something on mediated
> behavior in large groups such as "the wisdom of crowds."
> Any and all suggestions warmly welcomed. So much going on its hard to
> even
> think about how to begin to think about this
> upcoming fall!!
> mike
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