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And in a week or so, I will begin teaching an undergraduate class in
"Educational Psychology" for future teachers. It has been a few years
since I taught such a class and was wondering if any of you would be
willing to share with me (and other XMCAers) how you present CHAT. I
mean, I don't think undergrads are going to be too interested in the
distinction between action and activity or working out the concept of
"object". Or am I wrong? I've taught the usual suspects (behaviorism,
Bandura, Piaget, cognitive information processing) for years and have a
pretty good idea about them but would appreciate some help on CHAT.

Don Cunningham
Indiana University

Ancora Imparo!

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Dear Xmca-ites---

Toward the end of the month I will begin teaching a grad course on
mediational theories of mind.
I would love suggestions for interesting readings.
We will be looking in a sort of "mcLuhanesque" way at the affordances of
different kinds of mediators
in human action/activity/mind.

So, language and thought

Starting with early 20th century writers of general familiarity to
of this list, I have been thinking about including
such works as Cszikentmihalyi, "meaning of things," Turkle's recent
"evocative objects," and perhaps something on mediated
behavior in large groups such as "the wisdom of crowds."

Any and all suggestions warmly welcomed. So much going on its hard to
think about how to begin to think about this
upcoming fall!!

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