Re: [xmca] Another Textological Question: Chukovsky's alleged conflict with Vygotsky

From: Anton Yasnitsky <the_yasya who-is-at>
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 21:59:06 PDT

Part ii. Chukovsky's alleged conflict with

--- David Kellogg <>
> I don't think it is outlandish (absurd,
> ridiculous, immature) to claim that Chukovsky
> saw Vygotsky as an enemy.

Yes, it absolutely is unless one is able to
present concrete, ideally, textual evidence in
support of this claim.

> He writes that it was
> not just pedagogues but the whole of the state
> establishment, with which Vygotsky was then
> allied, which persecuted his children's books
> (p. 215, and p 477).
Highly conjectural again. I argue that Chukovsky
never ever criticised either Vygotsky personally
or his collaborators and students in Moscow,
Kharkov, Leningrad or wherever.

Furthermore, I would even argue that Vygotsky
never wrote notorious paragraph with critique of
Chukovsky and his Crocodile. However, I
definitely can not prove this at this point

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