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Jim Lantolf at Penn State does research on gesture and 2nd language.
Also, at the University of Nevada LV - Steve McCafferty.
And...vol, 14 (1) - Jan 2004 - of the International Journal of Applied
Linguistics has several articles.

Michael A. Evans wrote:
> Dear All,
> I was hoping you could point me to resources that critique discourse
> analysis as an overly linguistic approach to interaction and meaning
> request is based on a desire to ground analysis of video data of
> children using manipulatives (both physical and graphically-based) in
> collaborative efforts...what I want to capture is not only the speech but
> also gesture of primary students as they try to make sense of basic
> geometric concepts and principles using manipulatives (tangrams,
> pentominoes, geoboards, etc)...Iım searching for both philosophical
> (Vygotsky, Dewey, Pierce, Mead) and methodological references that emphasize
> the need to examine gesture and speech simultaneously...
> As for the latter, Iıve recently been working with David McNeill and his
> group at the U. of Chicago (, but was hoping
> I could get more leads from the group...
> Thanks!
> Michael~

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