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I'll let the experts reply on other matters, David. But VV Ivanov, perhaps
son of VV Ivanov whose inscription you describe (?) (both refered to as Koma
I believe) is still alive and one of the leading
semioticians in Soviet/Russian arena. I do not know of any novels he has
written. But he has written
a history of semiotics in the USSR which we are conspiring to get into
English via the J. Russian and
East European Psychology. It features, among others, Vygotsky and

The living VV is part time professor at UCLA. Check him out on the web.

On 4/27/07, David Kellogg <> wrote:
> On page 507 of Chukovsky's diary (2005, Yale University Press), Chukovsky
> receives a copy of Vygotsky's "Psychology of Art" from "Koma", who turns out
> to be none other than V. V. Ivanov, the novelist. The inscription is
> (translated as) "Read this book extraordinary/Don't forget the Koma-ntery".
> Interestingly, the 1971 MIT edition of "The Psychology of Art" contains
> commentary by V. V. Ivanov (pp. 265-295). I wonder...could it be the SAME
> volume? The obvious source would be his grand-daughter and literary
> executor, Elena Chukovskaya.
> I'm also starting to rethink my views on Chukovsky's anti-semitism.
> While he is certainly strongly anti-semitic during the twenties, he
> eventually decides that anti-semitism is a smokescreen for Stalinist
> anti-intellectualism, and there is far more hatred of the "Black Hundreds"
> anti-semites than of the "Yids" in his pages.
> Finally, I'm starting to wonder if the criticism that Vygotsky expresses
> of Chukovsky's "Crocodile" in "Educational Psychology", so apparently at
> variance with his attitude towards fairy tales and fantasy in "Psychology of
> Art" and even "The Role of Play in Development", were simply the views of
> his boss Krupskaya.... That would explain why they appear in a footnote.
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