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  *Funding Opportunity Announcement* *Sponsor Name:*
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
(http://www.waseda.jp/wias/english/recruit.html) *Program Name:*
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study Call for Researchers *Applicant Level:*
Multiple *Sponsor Deadline:*
*5/10/2007* *Award Description:*
Waseda University is aiming to further strengthen its research and
education by taking steps to realize a research system and graduate
school system that will allow young researchers to think flexibly and to
exercise their capabilities and talents to the full. A new system of fixed-
term appointments for younger faculty is being established as part of
this effort, based upon the visiting faculty system, and the Waseda
Institute for Advanced Study (the Institute) was established in
September, 2006 to provide a framework in which younger researchers
can devote themselves to research in a highly developed research

We are now issuing a call for younger researchers who wish to take up
fixed-term appointments at the Institute to engage in research activity. *
(1) Application Qualifications
Applicants are to satisfy all items (a) through (c) below.

a. Having doctoral degree (including PhD acquired at an overseas
institution, excluding professional degrees) in hand, or having
expectation of degree by October 1, 2007, or having completed three
years of research guidance in a doctoral program.

b. Applicant's age as of October 1, 2007 shall as a rule be 40 years or

c. Three researchers shall be named as references who can be asked
about the applicant. It is desirable that one reference be a faculty
member of Waseda University in the post of Senior Dean, or Dean or
Director of an independent graduate school or center or other such
organization that is not tied into the conventional academic structure of
the university, a research leader at Waseda University who has
obtained large-scale public research funding, or a research leader who
either is in the process of applying for large-scale public research
funding or is scheduled to apply for such funding. Large-scale public
research funding means, for example, the Centers of Excellence (COE)
program, Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and
Technology, or grants-in-aid for scientific research (limited to funding
for basic scientific research of categories S and A, for specially
promoted research, and for research in specified fields).

(2) Research Topics
Applications are sought from a broad range of scholars capable of
approaching highly creative research themes with the potential for
revealing future issues and opening up new fields in the disciplines of
the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or interdisciplinary
research. Particularly welcome is research relevant to the following
themes and academic disciplines currently being undertaken by
Waseda University: Applications for research in other themes and
disciplines are also possible.

Humanities, Social Sciences: Mutual understanding between cultures,
analysis of comparative institution analysis, experimental economic
and political behavior analysis, factual analysis based on corporate
data, global strategies by service businesses, corporate law and
corporate governance, legal systems governing finance and capital
markets, intellectual property rights, sustainable development,
economic integration, and corporate competition strategies in Asia.

Natural Sciences: Mathematics and information technology,
nanotechnology and materials, robots and machines, physics,

environment and construction, life-sciences and biotechnology,
together with fields that synthesize these disciplines. *Application
Apply directly to sponsor *Sponsor Contact:*
1-6-1 Nishi Waseda
Tokyo, 169-8050
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