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But just in case, check out the oldest game on earth, 5000+ years, and still no computer can even beat an amateur master . .
  Deep blue shows the shallowness of chess/western mind, Kasparov saying: it was as though the machine read my mind! 1 million dollars for a computer program to beat an amateur go masters (SAY 2000 IN CHESS)
   By the way, how do you evaluate the gaze of a chess or go player as s/he looks at the opponent to judge whether s/he has grasped the intention of the play? That's really one for ethnographemics, yeah?

Mike Cole <> wrote:
  Dear XMCA-o-philes........

Our visitor Minati has engaged me in working with her on kids playing a
complicated game. What we have is a running
transcript of the narrative and observational notes (no videotape). From
preliminary analysis, we want to talk about the players
establishing joint attention and intersubjectivity (they are both attending
to the game, they know the rules, etc.) but they are both trying to win and
engage in clearly deceptive behaviors.

We have been looking for a literature that combines intersubjectivity,
deception, and perhaps theory of mind. The Machiavellian
intelligence literature ought to have it, but we have not found it (and we
are talking humans here, not chimps, and 8-16
year old humans, not infants).

Can you provide us with any pointers of to look?
mike (& Minati)
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