Re: [xmca] Consciousness & cognizance/ cognize/ cognizant

From: Andy Blunden <ablunden who-is-at>
Date: Fri Apr 20 2007 - 19:17:33 PDT

At 08:36 AM 19/04/2007 -0400, you wrote:
>... a number of derivatives of 'conscious[ness]', namely, yet another noun
>(distinct from 'consciousness'), adjective, and, most importantly, a verb.
>In essence, these might be rendered as 'aware' and 'awareness', but
>apparently there is no verb: 'to be aware' or 'to get aware' are too long
>and seem to add a connotation of passiveness, whereas for the author it is
>important that this is what we can actively *do* rather than passively

Reminds me of martial arts or buddhists meanings.

What about "sensitise oneself," "tune in to ..." (as we tune a radio to
pick up a signal), "turn on" (in hippy speak) "or open oneself" (open a
door for something to come into you)? Or can "explore, research, etc"
convey the meaning? "alert" can be a verb, but again mainly reflexive
"alert oneself to" or "be alert to".

"Perception" and "perceive" but again these usually need an object.


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