[xmca] Consciousness & cognizance/ cognize/ cognizant

From: Anton Yasnitsky <the_yasya who-is-at yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Apr 19 2007 - 05:36:01 PDT

Dear colleagues,

this is s translation/style question and a plea
for advice.

I am working with a text where the author keeps
using a number of derivatives of
'conscious[ness]', namely, yet another noun
(distinct from 'consciousness'), adjective, and,
most importantly, a verb.

In essence, these might be rendered as 'aware'
and 'awareness', but apparently there is no verb:
'to be aware' or 'to get aware' are too long and
seem to add a connotation of passiveness, whereas
for the author it is important that this is what
we can actively *do* rather than passively

So, I have come up with the set of 'cognizance/
cognize/ cognizant' that seems to best represent
the meaning of the original terminology. However,
here is the question:

don't these words look awkward / dated /
confusing, etc. in contemporary psychological and
educational discourse?


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