Re: [xmca] What about a new kind of XMCA forum?

From: Kevin Rocap <Kevin.Rocap who-is-at>
Date: Thu Apr 19 2007 - 06:39:20 PDT

Dear Mike,

Just a little food for thought:

In our Teacher Ed learning networks we link existing classes/courses
together for key joint online-mediated activities. So each
participating professor/instructor and his or her class has his or her
own full syllabus into which the learning network activities have been
integrated substantively (but the local topic of the course can and
certainly does vary from locality to locality, so that even though the
learning network activities are somehow shared activities, the
perspective or point of reference and entrance into interaction with
others stems from the local topic/course).

For example, our online network "Knowing Our Students, Knowing
Ourselves" provides prompts and activities for a variety of ways in
which future teachers need to "know themselves" and "know their future
students" - but these prompts and activities can be as relevant for a
methods course as it is for a foundations course or a content course and
so has relevance for incorporation into courses that cover varying
topics. The variation can lead to engaging exchanges as each
participating class engages from its particular vantage point regarding
what it means to know themselves and know their future students in the
context of their local topic.

Last time we ran the CHAT course internationally, of course, we had many
individuals and/or non-university-affiliated small groups who wanted to
participate. These could be folks who do or do not want to participate
for credit, but are not under the umbrella of one of the existing
courses such as my examples above. In that case, it seems to me that
any professor whose full-course is participating in the CHAT exchange
that has a mechanism for granting credits could make their course and
syllabus known to the wider participating CHAT community so that
community members might be able to find a course to affiliate with that
makes sense for their own educational, professional, personal
trajectory, but also permits them to participate in the CHAT exchanges
(he/she would, of course, also have to fulfill any additional
requirements of such a course beyond participation in the CHAT exchanges
to qualify for credit).

The other occurrence in learning networks we've facilitated and that
occurred in our last CHAT course experience was that individuals or
groups identify each other and form their own local book or study
groups. When I queried about that during the last course it seemed
several people were making use of the online content and exchanges to
engage in local face-to-face discussions and activities (e.g., printing
out copies of comments from the online and using these as additional
texts in book/study group discussions, etc.).

It also seemed to work well last time to have graduate students and/or
other key participants take some sort of
discussion/prompt/question-generating lead on a given reading or topic
at different times in the exchange.

Anyway, a short re-cap and some additional ideas to stir around in the
pot as options for the once and future CHAT exchange ;-)

In Peace,

Mike Cole wrote:
> Dear All-Over-the-World Xmca-ites---
> I am meeting next week with the relevant technical collegues here at
> UCSD to
> talk through
> what they see as a reasnable plan. From what I can tell this idea is
> completely feasible from
> the point of view of technology, storage, access, etc.
> However, the social organizational work of the social process will
> require
> some thought, effort,
> and distributed responsibility (who will give presentations on what
> topics
> when etc. How can
> students get credit or should we forgo that option? and more).
> I will be away from UCSD until early next week. I will be meeting with
> local
> tech folks mid
> next week and get back to you all on that side of things. Meantime,
> each of
> us needs to
> think about what topics, what periodicity, etc. When I know the tech
> constraints, I will put
> those out for all to see. Perfhaps somewhere else could be tech host
> better
> than UCSD.
> Perhaps not.
> Meantime, all you have on your plate is to explain ways to talk about
> consciousness in English to Anton!
> :-)
> soznatelno yours
> mike
> On 4/19/07, Gabrielle Ivinson <> wrote:
>> Could Cardiff University - School of Social Sciences be involved as
>> well?
>> Thanks
>> Gabrielle (Ivinson)
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>> Me too!
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>> Yo tambien!!!!!!
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