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I have googled this and googled scholar this as well, because this work has
an interesting use in South Africa. However, I mainly get citation indices,
and different dates (birth-death).

When a group of South African academics went to the USSR in the early 60's
they found that the guides spoke very good English. When asked whether they
had studied abroad (a silly question) they said no, they had learned English
from the work of Belyayev. The linguistic professor (Lanham) came back, and
used these principles to write language materials for rural African children
which still stands out as the best after 30 years. (He wrote like this, not
as for children about to change to English about to change to English as the
medium of instruction (MOI), because he said for these children, English was
a foreign language.) When I gave the First Memorial Address for L W Lanham,
I gave a presentation on Belyayev.

So much for the anecdote: I think you will only get *your* answer from a

On 09/04/07, David Kellogg <> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me anything more about Boris Vasilevich Belyayev
> (1900-1968), Professor of Methodology at the University of Moscow? I know he
> wrote and published "The Psychology of Teaching Foreign Languages" in the
> late 1950s during the Vygotsky thaw (translated and published in 1963 by the
> Pergamon Oxford Russian series). I've got a copy and it's very Vygotskyan in
> places (especially his discussion of concepts and word meanings). How much
> did he know of the master's work, and when/how did he know it?
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