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Some info re B. V. Belyaev:

it has just occurred to me that there were at
least two (I believe, more than that) articles on
Belyaev in the 1968 volume "Psikhologiya
grammatiki" [Psychology of grammar] published by
the Moscow State University and edited by A. A.
Leontiev and T. V. Ryabova, specifically,

1. B. V. Belyaev (1900-1968) - pp. 117-119 &
2. M. G. Kasparova & I. A. Zimnyaya. O vzglyadakh
B.V. Belyaeva - pp. 119-131

Interestingly enough, this is the volume, where
A. N. Leontiev's notes--taken at the "internal
conference" with Vygotsky and his students in the
end of 1933 (1932?)--were published under the
header "Iz neizdannykh materialov Vygotskogo"
[From the unpublished Vygotsky's materials],
entitled "Problema soznaniya" [The problem of
consciousness]. This might not be a mere

Hope it helps,


--- David Kellogg <>

> Can anyone tell me anything more about Boris
> Vasilevich Belyayev (1900-1968), Professor of
> Methodology at the University of Moscow? I know
> he wrote and published "The Psychology of
> Teaching Foreign Languages" in the late 1950s
> during the Vygotsky thaw (translated and
> published in 1963 by the Pergamon Oxford
> Russian series). I've got a copy and it's very
> Vygotskyan in places (especially his discussion
> of concepts and word meanings). How much did he
> know of the master's work, and when/how did he
> know it?
> David Kellogg
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