Re: [xmca] New Valsiner SEmiots paper on MCA website at lchc

From: Lara Beaty (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2006 - 09:06:19 PST

They are "slippery slopes." I think that by starting with full disclosure of
the fiction helps, but the danger of "a false sense of security and control"
seems just as likely in forever stopping ourselves from noticing that one
child is able to complete a task without ever having been shown how and
another can never do it. I'm struggling with how to conceptually see the
actions of a student deep in collaboration and another who has no other
humans actively involved in an ongoing action. Or more importantly to
distinguish between the student who joyfully and compliantly collaborates
and the student who resists and argues against collaboration while
apparently developing/participating despite themselves. Essentially, I think
there is no safety.

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