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From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2006 - 19:15:03 PST

It seems a time of loss on many many fronts, Paul.
How many members of xmca understand what it means to have been a member of
the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in
Spain? How many have read about Balanese cockfights? Tell use more about
Murra, and perhaps point us at a work on
ethnohistory. After all, this is a group who at least have an interest in
the role of cultural history in ontogeny and we are
all, for the time being, developing!!
PS-- thanks for the interview, phil

On 10/31/06, Paul Dillon <> wrote:
> mike,
> more of those uncanny coincidences: on Saturday night I saw my first cock
> fight and was thinking about Geertz after many, many years. Although they
> are perfectly legal here, unlike Bali, they still provide the kind of
> cultural thickness Geertz described and flower networks of meaning. It is
> sad to read how he passed since nowadays 80 seems young (at least for those
> with good health insurance).
> Not too long ago (10/6 I think) another significant figure in
> anthropology died as well; although more famous as an ethnohistorian,
> Andeanist, and French-Russian translator for the Abraham Lincoln brigade
> during the Spanish Civil War: John V. Murra who was instrumental
> in creating the field of ethnohistory.
> Changing of the guard
> Paul Dilllon
> *Mike Cole <>* wrote:
> Damn!
> mike
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