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From: Paul Dillon (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2006 - 18:24:04 PST

  more of those uncanny coincidences: on Saturday night I saw my first cock fight and was thinking about Geertz after many, many years. Although they are perfectly legal here, unlike Bali, they still provide the kind of cultural thickness Geertz described and flower networks of meaning. It is sad to read how he passed since nowadays 80 seems young (at least for those with good health insurance).
    Not too long ago (10/6 I think) another significant figure in anthropology died as well; although more famous as an ethnohistorian, Andeanist, and French-Russian translator for the Abraham Lincoln brigade during the Spanish Civil War: John V. Murra who was instrumental in creating the field of ethnohistory.
  Changing of the guard
  Paul Dilllon

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