Re: [xmca] Does Power Really Flow From the Mouth of a Teacher?

From: Gordon Wells (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2006 - 05:11:12 PST


I was interested in your account of the two different talks by
Kirshner and Candlin and I too appreciate Carl Bereiter's ideas (I
had the pleasure of being his colleague for many years at OISE).
Mentioning Carl makes me think of the approach to learning and
teaching that he and Marlene pioneered with CSILE and also that of
Ann Brown and Joe Campione. In their Schools for Thought projects,
power is shared as teacher and students become coinvestigators. Ann
and Joe, for example, write about multiple zpds and, as I understand
it, the teacher also can learn in the zpd. I'm not sure that Carl
would use that language, but the practice would not be foreign to him.
What do you think?


Gordon Wells
Dept of Education,
UC Santa Cruz.
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