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From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2006 - 10:19:45 PDT

Nacho and other bilinguales en Espanol i English.

I was apparently (as usual!) unclear regarding bilingual activity on XMCA.

My first goal, which I have sought to achieve for some time, is to have at
least one,
perhaps more, articles that exist in English and anther language (Spanish
appears to
be working, the attempt with Clot's paper failed because we could not
identify a proper
text) as a means of sensitizing members of XMCA who live in English language
countries or for whom English is a native language to the difficulties of
our many colleagues who READ English but do not write easily in English (as
I can read Russian but write badly in it). The idea was for people to have
access to the article in a language
they could read and to write in any language they chose and then negotiate
the meanings they took from it.

A second goal was to see how far machine translation like babblefish could
aid such an effort. I think a lot.

A third goal, which has emerged more recently, is to assist colleagues in
Spanish speaking countries in partifcular to identify such dural language
texts and to see if we could create an enriching experience for our
university students by having them discuss texts with each other in the
manner suggested for xmca as a whole.

Of course, all of this is problematic. So is doing nothing about the
problems caused by linguistic assymetry among xmca members.

This goal has two subgoals

On 10/26/06, Nacho Montero García-Celay <> wrote:
> Mike and the others, (incluyendo otros Nachos)
> Unfortunely, I have had a terrific week and I have been not able to
> participate in the discussion (many discussions).
> Desgraciadamente he tenido una semana de mucho trabajo y no he podido
> participar en la discusión.
> My point on bilingualism was not related, from my view, with the
> interesting derivation to Vygotsky and Derrida, and related issues.
> Mi comentario sobre bilinguismo no estaba relacionado, según lo veo yo,
> con
> la interesante variante sobre las relaciones Vygotsky/Derrida y otros
> temas
> relacionados.
> Mike, I think you were thinking of a concrete task when entusiastically
> assumed the comment from David Preiss on making a spanish section (or what
> ever) within XMCA.
> Mike, creo que pensabas en algo concreto cuando te apuntaste con
> entusiasmo
> al comentario de David sobre hacer una sección (o lo que sea) de XMCA en
> español.
> In addition, I did a comment on asymetrical bilingulism related with Olga
> Vazquez presentation in Madrid.
> Además, hice un comentario sobre el bilinguismo asimétrico en relación a
> una presentaicón que hizo Olga Vazquez en Madrid.
> My question today (for Mike and others potentialy interested in) is: Were
> you interested in a particular bilingual task -such as making a review of
> CHAT works already tralated to spanish?
> Mi pregunta ahora es (para Mike y otros potencialmente interesados en
> ello), ¿tenías interés en alguna tarea reacionada con el bilingüismo
> español-inglés -como hacer una revisión de los trabajos CHAT que están
> traducidos al español?
> NACHO (MONTERO; Psicología, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).
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