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Hi Mike

Highly recommended reading: 'Foregiveness and Other Acts of Love' by
Stephanie Dowrick. I think it is a Penguin book - but should be easily
available via Amazon etc - a bestseller downunder here in Australia.
Excellent chapter also on Courage.

Best wishes

> OK-- So here is another topic. Any help out there greatly appreciated.
> In my household the topic of forgiveness is a burning issue. There are
> a lot
> of sources.
> First, we have had a visit from a friend who has had a stroke and whose
> husband has left her
> and she is in deep pain.
> Second, we have been reading about the Amish parents in Pennsylvania
> who put
> aside, so far as
> we can tell, the unbelievable anger and pain they must have
> experienced, and
> have forgiven the man
> who killed their children, welcomed his wife into their community, and
> (again, so far as we can tell,
> for-given him his unforgivable (it would seem) trespasses.
> Third, there is fiction brewing locallly that involves a mother and
> daughter
> who are in conflict where the
> mother has transgressed the law seriously and the daughter is living with
> the consequences.
> So what does anyone on this amazing list of people have to counsel us
> about
> forgiveness, No eye for
> a tooth. What makes it possible? Legitimate? Forgivable, to forgive
> someone
> for causing unspeakable
> pain?
> This is all at the more or less personal/interpersonal level. I am well
> aware that there are macro versions of these
> questions that deserve all the attention we can give them, but up
> close and
> personal. --When is forgiveness possible
> and forgivable?
> Help please
> mike
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