[xmca] Forgiveness

From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Oct 22 2006 - 21:06:59 PDT

OK-- So here is another topic. Any help out there greatly appreciated.

In my household the topic of forgiveness is a burning issue. There are a lot
of sources.

First, we have had a visit from a friend who has had a stroke and whose
husband has left her
and she is in deep pain.

Second, we have been reading about the Amish parents in Pennsylvania who put
aside, so far as
we can tell, the unbelievable anger and pain they must have experienced, and
have forgiven the man
who killed their children, welcomed his wife into their community, and
(again, so far as we can tell,
for-given him his unforgivable (it would seem) trespasses.

Third, there is fiction brewing locallly that involves a mother and daughter
who are in conflict where the
mother has transgressed the law seriously and the daughter is living with
the consequences.

So what does anyone on this amazing list of people have to counsel us about
forgiveness, No eye for
a tooth. What makes it possible? Legitimate? Forgivable, to forgive someone
for causing unspeakable

This is all at the more or less personal/interpersonal level. I am well
aware that there are macro versions of these
questions that deserve all the attention we can give them, but up close and
personal. --When is forgiveness possible
and forgivable?

Help please
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