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Date: Wed Oct 18 2006 - 13:42:33 PDT

Hi Gordon,

I put your quote into Google Scholar, and found a paper with the same
noting the following source:

Lave, J. (1996). Teaching, as learning, in practice. Mind, Culture, and
Activity, 3, 149164. Page 157.

Please check the original source.


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On 18-Oct-06, at 4:15 PM, Gordon Wells wrote:

> Sorry to bother you all again. Does anyone recognize this quote from
> Jean Lave. If so, could you give me the full reference, including page
> number, if possible.
> Crafting identities is a social process, and becoming more
> knowledgeably skilled is an aspect of participation in social
> practice. By such reasoning, who you are
> becoming shapes crucially and fundamentally what you "know." "What you
> know" may be better thought of as doing rather than having something -
> "knowing" rather than acquiring or accumulating knowledge or
> information. "Knowing" is a relation among communities of practice,
> participation in
> practice, and the generation of identities as part of becoming part of
> ongoing practice and of individuals' varying patterns of
> participation.
> Thanks in advance.
> Gordon
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