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From: Gordon Wells (gwells@ucsc.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 18 2006 - 13:15:44 PDT

Sorry to bother you all again. Does anyone recognize this quote from
Jean Lave. If so, could you give me the full reference, including
page number, if possible.

Crafting identities is a social process, and becoming more
knowledgeably skilled is an aspect of participation in social
practice. By such reasoning, who you are
becoming shapes crucially and fundamentally what you "know." "What
you know" may be better thought of as doing rather than having
something - "knowing" rather than acquiring or accumulating knowledge
or information. "Knowing" is a relation among communities of
practice, participation in
practice, and the generation of identities as part of becoming part
of ongoing practice and of individuals' varying patterns of

Thanks in advance.


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