RE: [xmca] review article recommendation request

Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 06:46:27 PDT

Hello Jenny:

I feel the need to suggest an excellent article that fails to get cited in
CHAT based articles.

Jaan Valsiner's " Process structure of semiotic mediation in human

it appears in

Human Development 2001; 44:84-97

Briefly, Valsiner is outside of CHAT based on his focus of individual
development rather than the development of cultural-historical signs or

He writes in the abstract:

"Much has been written about the role of signs-semiotic mediators- in
psychology over recent decades. Usually more or less elaborate claims in
favor of the importance of signs - semiotic mediators, words, 'voices',
meanings - in human psychological worlds have been made [Cole, 1996;
Shweder, 1995; Wertsch, 1991, 1998]. That importance is here taken for
granted, and the questioin addressed moves beyond the discourse about the
social nature of the human individual.


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