Re: [xmca] reading ability is genetic!? (read this one!)

From: Leif Strandberg (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2006 - 03:15:13 PDT


Homo Sapiens Sapiens have existed on earth 100.000 years

Reading ability has existed - say - 5.000 years - in most areas much

During this period (100.000 years) we have 99.99% the same brain and

Reading ability is formed and developed in cultures where you find
books, pens and paper i.e. artifacts for reading (artifacts produced by
the same human beings who can master them).

Reading is culture - in cultures where reading artifacts are accessible
and where people have access to them and are instructed how to use


Leif in Sweden

(Sweden, where reading ability increased a lot during the Reformation -
1500 - when the Bible was translated to our mother tounge - so reading
ability does not only depend on artifacts but also on social movements
and popular struggle.

2006-09-20 kl. 11.58 skrev Andy Blunden:

> Can anyone deal with this stupidity:
> I haven't read the research and it's not my discipline, but I heard
> the Macquarie University guy interviewed on Radio National last year,
> and his thesis is based on data comparing the reading ability of kids
> arriving at primary school, and presuming that any difference in
> ability must be genetic, because there is nothing between birth and
> arriving at school which he thinks could affect ability to learn to
> read. ... or is there so much of this rubbish about that it's not
> worth contesting? I mean these people get government money for
> purveying this stuff!
> Andy
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